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What kind of help can you provide me with in deciding on a bathroom remodeling design?

There are many design options for bathroom remodeling and it can be helpful to have a professional’s advice. We can help you plan your remodel, select the best materials and fixtures for your needs and create a design that is perfect for your home and your lifestyle.

How can I prepare my bathroom for a shower remodel after scheduling the remodel with Bath Creations?

The best way to prepare for a shower remodel is to remove all of the items from the shower and bathroom walls. This will allow the contractors to have easy access to the areas that need to be remodeled.

What is a shower base and why do I need it?

A shower base is the bottom portion of a shower enclosure. It is typically made of fiberglass, plastic or acrylic and is designed to be watertight. Shower bases are necessary to create a watertight seal between the floor and the shower enclosure.

Do shower replacements ever become necessary?

Yes, shower replacements may be necessary, particularly if the shower head is leaking or if the shower enclosure is cracked or damaged. It’s better to replace your shower before any major issues arrive.

Does replacing my bathroom increase the value of my home?

Replacing your bathroom can increase the value of your home because it can make your home more appealing to potential buyers. A bathroom that is in good condition and has been updated with modern fixtures can be a major selling point.

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