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4 Ways to Make More Space in Your Small Bathroom


A bathroom should feel like a comforting sanctuary, and a small space shouldn’t stop you from achieving that. With a few tweaks and some storage solutions, even the tiniest of powder rooms can be transformed from cramped to cozy. Utilize the following list for some beautiful bathroom remodeling ideas.

How to Revamp a Small Bathroom 

1. Use the Space Under the Sink 

The space underneath the sink is probably already being used, but don’t forget about the vertical space it offers as well. Use a miniature shelf, like the ones that can be used for school lockers, to utilize that space and create two levels for more storage. Keep your cleaning supplies here as well as any product refills like hand soap and toothpaste. 

2. Add Shelving 

Declutter counters and drawers and free up floor space by installing shelving. Use a traditional wooden unit for a classic look, or add a bit of modern flair with fabric or metal baskets. Use these to display clean towels or offer paper products like tissues, cotton swabs, and additional toilet paper. This can make a space look like it was designed by a bathroom remodeling company, and is a great opportunity to add personality. 

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3. Address the Drawers

Remove everything from any drawers and re-organize them by using small containers or drawer-dividers. Group items together by their purpose, such as hair or nail care and the like. It’s surprising to see how much space is being wasted once every item has its own home, and doing this can even free up areas that were once disorganized.

4. Make Use of a Forgotten Area 

The back of the bathroom door is an underutilized storage space that holds many possibilities. Apply removable adhesive hooks or use an over-the-door hanging organizer for towels and robes. You could also hang a shower organizer to keep useful items for guests, like extra hand towels, washcloths, lotion, and air freshener.

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